Inter Club Regulations




1. The Inter-Club League will be conducted under the rules of the English Bridge Union, including the current regulations regarding systems and alerting. Level 4 systems & conventions are allowed in this League and pairs must have identically completed convention cards. The competition Tournament Secretary is empowered to act on behalf of the NEBA Council to resolve any dispute that arises.

2. The event will consist of matches of 32 boards played in sets of 8.  In Division ‘A’, Captains should toss for seating rights in either sets 1 and 3 or sets 2 and 4 before play commences. In all other Divisions, matches are played on an 'all play all’ basis; the away teams pairs remain seated in the same position throughout the match.

3. A team may consist of 8 to 10 players.  Clubs must always select their strongest pairs for their ‘A’ team and so on. If more than 8 players are selected for an away match the club must notify its opposition in advance and agree to pay the cost of the extra refreshments. Pairs may only be changed at the end of a set of boards. Players must play at least 2 sets in a match to qualify for master points.

4. Every player must be a member of NEBA before participating.  Violation of this condition will lead to disqualification of the offending team for that match.  No player can play for more than one club in a season or for more than one team in the same round.

5. Scoring will be on a team of eight basis by International Match Points (IMP) converted to Victory Points (VP) according to the new scale shown below.  Team Captains should supply their own score sheets.

6. It is the responsibility of the home team to provide a suitable venue and refreshments for both teams.

7. Team Captains should ensure that a copy of these rules is available at each match and attempt to resolve any dispute that arises. Should they be unable to do so, the match should be completed.  If the point at issue might have affected the result of the match, full details of the dispute, signed by all the participants, should be sent to the Tournament Secretary for a ruling by the NEBA Chief Tournament Director.

8. If a board is fouled, any valid score already achieved will count whenever possible.  It may be necessary to correct the board or reverse directions at a later table to obtain a comparison.  If a board can only be played correctly at two tables it is scored as played and re-dealt and played at the remaining pair of tables.  IMPs are calculated separately for each pair of tables.  If a board can only be played correctly at three tables, the single score in one direction is counted twice in the scoring and the board is not played at the other table.

9. If a player is taken ill during a match, and cannot continue, the first priority, after attending to the needs of the unwell player, is for both Teams to try to find a suitable substitute player or pair. If this proves impossible, then the match continues with a missing pair and Rule 8 applies.

10. The home team Captains must promptly let the Tournament Secretary know their match result and the names of the team members of both teams, preferably by e-mail, but if not, then by telephone. The Tournament Secretary is empowered to impose a fine of 2 VPS on home teams not notifying the result within 3 days.  After each round of matches, the team captain (or the appointed club official) should enter the result and the names of the team members on to the league management system, which can be found on their personal EBU member's site.  In case of difficulty, please contact the Master Points Secretary or the Tournament Secretary.

11. Except for the lowest Division F, the Inter-Club League is based on Divisions of six teams. At the end of each season, 2 teams will be promoted and 2 teams will be relegated. Ties are broken on the result of the match between the tying teams. Depending on the number of teams available, Division F will be organised as felt appropriate by the Tournament Secretary. If there are more than 6 teams in Division F, not all teams will be able to play each other and an equitable adjustment to the final VP scores will be made based on the Divisions overall results using an agreed formula.

12. The Tournament Secretary will try to arrange fixtures so that teams from the same club are at home or away together, and to balance the number of home and away matches. When 2 teams from the same club are in the same Division, their match will normally be the first of the season.

13. Matches must take place on the dates advised by the Tournament Secretary and published in the NEBA brochure.  Matches start at 2 pm unless an alternative time is agreed in writing by both team Captains. However, if a match is unable to be played on the set date for a totally unforeseen reason, the Tournament Secretary’s decision is final whether the match should be rearranged, or if a Team forfeits the match.

14. Teams should make every effort to start matches at the agreed time.  If a team arrives more than 30 minutes late, the opposing team has the right to curtail the match by four boards for every 30 minutes of lateness. The non-offending team will receive 4 IMP's for every board removed. This right must be exercised or rejected before play commences. Boards should be removed equally between the 4 sets. The non-offending team can claim the match after 1 hour of un-notified absence (2 hours if notified).

15. In the event of bad weather, any cancellation must be arranged between the team Captains preferably by 10 a.m. on the day of the match. No other reasons are acceptable for the cancellation of a match. Any such cancellations must be approved by the Tournament Secretary, or in their absence, by the Chief Tournament Secretary.

16. When bad weather prevents a match from being played, the home team Captain must offer a minimum of three alternative dates.  They must be in two different weeks and include two different days of the week and one weekend afternoon not clashing with a NEBA event.  Mid-week matches will be 24 boards with a revised VP scale.  Matches should preferably be played before the next round and can only be played mid-week with the agreement of the Tournament Secretary.  If the home team Captain does not offer dates as required or the away team does not accept a valid offer, they are deemed to have defaulted.

17. If a match is not played, the result will be 14 - 0 to the non-defaulting team, OR  the non-defaulting team's average match results over the season if higher, OR 20 minus the defaulting team's average score, whichever is the greatest. These scores to be determined at the end of the competition. The NEBA Council expects all fixtures to be fulfilled and may take appropriate action in case of cancellation not covered by rule 15 above. If any team fails to play two or more matches, their scores are cancelled and they are removed from the league.

18. If a team is removed, or withdraws, from the League, only one team from that Division is relegated at the end of the season but two teams are still promoted from the Division immediately below.  This procedure is then repeated for all the lower Divisions in turn to make up for the loss.  Teams wishing to rejoin the League will be expected to play in the lowest Division of the League. For the avoidance of doubt, if a Club has more than one team in the League, then the lowest placed team is removed or withdrawn.

The winner of Division ‘A’ will qualify to represent NEBA in the Garden Cities Trophy.

Aggregate points

Aggregate points

Aggregate points

0 - 10

= 0 IMP


= 9 IMP


= 18 IMP

20 - 60

= 1 IMP


= 10 IMP


= 19 IMP

70 - 110

= 2 IMP


= 11 IMP


= 20 IMP

120 - 170

= 3 IMP


= 12 IMP


= 21 IMP

180 - 230

= 4 IMP


= 13 IMP


= 22 IMP

240 - 300

= 5 IMP


= 14 IMP


= 23 IMP

310 - 370

= 6 IMP


= 15 IMP


= 24 IMP

380 - 440

= 7 IMP


= 16 IMP

450 - 510

= 8 IMP


= 17 IMP

At the end of the match the total IMP score should
be converted to VPs using the following scale.


VP score

0 - 2

10 - 10

3 - 7

11 - 9

8 - 12

12 - 8

13 - 18

13 - 7

19 - 24

14 - 6

25 - 32

15 - 5

33 - 40

16 - 4

41 - 50

17 - 3

51 - 61

18 - 2

62 - 76

19 - 1


20 - 0