EBU Blue Points



Dear County or Club Chairman,

I am writing to advise you, well in advance, of a fairly significant change to the Masterpoint system that we are planning will come into effect on 1 January 2013.

We have been well aware for some time of a number of problems associated with the current arrangements:

1. We have introduced Universal Membership but have not yet made any changes to our major recognition scheme - Masterpoints

2. Many individual members are unable to, or simply do not want to travel to EBU Competitions and/or stay overnight. This makes it very difficult to accumulate National Masterpoints (Greens) which in turn prevents people progressing through the Masterpoint ranks.

3. There is a large gap between Local and Green Points and Clubs and Counties have trouble attracting people to their open competitions when they cannot award Green points

We intend to try and alleviate these problems through the introduction of a new sort of Masterpoint designated Blue. The characteristics of these points are described in Attachment 1 and I would highlight the following

Any Club or County event awarding Blue Points must

Be a 2 session event

Be open to any EBU member

Have a licence from the EBU – this licence will be priced at approximately one third the cost of a Green Point licence. This means that if a Blue Point event was being held today, the licence would cost around £2.25 per table per session. There will be no P2P charge at a Blue Point event.

Clubs can hold 2 such events each year and Counties 4. They can be new events or existing events but in either case they will require a licence.

EBU Simultaneous Pairs events will award Blue Points rather than Green Points and overall there will be more “green equivalents” awardedWe are hoping that this enhancement will offer Counties and Clubs the opportunity to reinvigorate some of their competitions. We are announcing these plans well in advance to enable Clubs and Counties to discuss and plan their future calendar.

We will of course be publicising the scheme regularly through such channels as Club Focus and the EBU Website but we wanted to ensure that Clubs and Counties were each individually made aware of our plans.

Yours sincerely, Andrew Petrie
Chairman – EBU Tournament Committe