Council Minutes - 19th Nov. 2010


Minutes of the Council Meeting held at St. Georges   on Friday 19th November 2010 at 19:15

Present   K Spragg(Chair), J McCourt(Secretary),  I Rankin (Chief Tournament Secretary), B Godfrey(Congress Secretary), 
C Owen (Selector), P Smith (Tournament Secretary), B Spragg(Hartlepool), M Craig (Castle Morpeth), M Owen (Hurworth), 
L Reese(St. Georges), B Hooper( Darlington), P Whitton (Bishop Auckland)


1 Apologies


 That the  apologies for absence from D Joy, A Bell, M Page, A Caygill, S Caygill, P Jackson, S Hudson, P Sykes , J Gordon be received and accepted

2 Council Minutes


 That the Minutes of the meeting of the NEBA Council Meeting held on 11th February were agreed as a true record.


The Draft Minutes of Council Meetings be published on the NEBA Web Site as soon as they have been informally agreed by those present.


The papers for this Council Meetings were only received by some members a few days ago and in future they should be sent out earlier

3 Executive Minutes

The  minutes of the NEBA Executive Meeting of the 20th January 2010 were tabled

Item 12 of these minutes  (NEBA Finals Day)  was  discussed and  it was


That in future the finals of the Kempson Cup and Plate can be arranged privately as is done with the preceding rounds of these competitions. The date allocated for these finals in the NEBA Calendar  should only be used if the Team Captains cannot agree a date

 The Draft Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 21st October were tabled.

The low number of clubs taking part in the NEBA Autumn Simultaneous Pairs was noted (Item 21 in the Exec Minutes). This is in part due to Clubs being reluctant to hold heats of this competition as this could reduce their attendance, many members having already played in the competition elsewhere.  It was


That the Executive Committee consider, for next season, running the simultaneous pairs on one night only. (Tuesday and Thursday are by far the most common club nights)

That the Executive Committee  investigate the possibility of making the NEBA Autumn and Spring Simultaneous Pairs a joint Event with Yorkshire

4 2010 Congress Report

The Congress Secretary gave a verbal review of the recent NEBA Congress held at the Derwent Manor Hotel


The Newcomers Pairs was cancelled as there were only three entries

The number of players staying at and eating in the Hotel was greatly down on previous years. This could affect the cost of the venue in future years

The  overall attendance in the main congress was three tables down on last year

The Congress ran smoothly with no major problems

The 2011 Congress has been booked for the same venue on 11-13 November 2011 and the EBU Licence Applied for

The Congress Secretary also confirmed she will be stepping down at the NEBA AGM in May 2011 and is currently talking to someone who is interested in taking over the position

Council members made some comments  and suggestions about the congress


The hotel service was generally satisfactory but could be improved in a number of areas (e.g. late evening bar service)

The NEBA should have a nominated Host to greet and meet both  newcomers and returning players

5 Northern Bridge League


The Chief Tournament Secretary gave a verbal report on last season’s competition, with the main emphasis being on costs and the difficulty of finding players willing to travel. He also stated he wanted to hand over team organisation to someone else.


The NEBA only enter one team in next years NBL and Nigel Durie should be asked if he is willing to organise and Captain it

The Executive Committee be asked to consider the implications of the NEBA entering a Team in the two day Presidents Cup Competition( A Competition for Northern Counties similar to the Tollemache)

6 Draft Calendar 2010/2011


The draft calendar and list of venues for 2011/2012 were circulated.


The Draft Calendar be circulated to clubs for their comments

7 NEBA Competitions


The summary of the number of competitors in NEBA Competitions  over the last six years was circulated and the falling numbers noted


The Executive Committee should convene a sub-committee to review the competitions run by the NEBA and make recommendations on changes to the number and type of competitions to be held in the future. Their recommendations should be ready in time to be presented to the next Council meeting in March 2011

8 Officials Expenses


Before the introduction of  Pay-to-Play NEBA officials had their EBU membership paid for by the NEBA (£19.50 in 2009)


NEBA Officials be allowed to claim £20 per year if they so wish.  This to be in addition to normal expenses claimed by the officials (stationery, postage etc)

That the Web Master be reimbursed for any expenses he incurs in maintaining the NEBA Web site

9 Items Raised by Clubs


The date for Hurworth’s One Day Congress has been set for 6th March 2011

Two Hurworth Players, Tom Dessain and Chris Owen have been selected to play for the England under 25 Team

Clive Owen pointed out the NEBA web site contained links to a number of non-affiliated clubs and suggested the Executive Committee should contact them to discuss affiliation

Cramlington(by e-mail)

Requested that the next  Council Meeting could be held in the north of the area and not on Fridays

Newcastle(by e-mail)

They have 10 wooden card tables for disposal.  St Georges has already expressed an interest

Whitley Bay(by e-mail)

Whitley Bay offered to hold a Chronicle Cup Semi Final in 2012.  The Chief Tournament  Secretary will consider the offer but pointed out that the semi-final can attract up to 25 tables so Whitley Bay may not be suitable

Castle Morpeth Bridge Club

Asked “did the NEBA have any views on the Stratification of results that was currently being tested by the EBU (CMBC is involved in the testing)”.  The Chief Tournament Secretary responded  the NEBA Executive had not discussed it, but  it appeared to be a good idea and at the EBU AGM it was stated that trials were taking place but there would be some delay in launching the scheme

10 Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Thursday 17th March 2011. The Secretary was asked to arrange a venue, Chester-le-Street being suggested

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21:20h