Council Minutes - 19th August. 2011



1 Apologies


That the apologies for absence from B Godfrey, P Sykes, P Whitton, M Page, A Kemp and D Joy be received and accepted

2 Council Minutes

The Treasurer requested that her statement, that she would not pay every official £20, but

would re-imburse expenses such as petrol,

made in reply to a members question, be entered into the minutes. With this addition the Council Minutes for the meeting held on

Thursday 17th March 2011 were then approved

3 Executive Minutes


The Executive Minutes for the meeting held on

the 28th April 2011 were tabled. Members asked for clarification of Minute 44 (Kempson Finals Day)


That in future Kempson Cup and Plate Finals be arranged privately as with preceding round matches. Spectators will still be welcome at the finals and the date and location of the finals should be published. The NEBA will pay for any room hire charges incurred for the finals but will not pay for any refreshments. A tournament Director is not required for these Finals. The NEBA Calendar will have a date in it for these finals and in the event of Captains not being able to agree on a date for the final the NEBA Chief Tournament Secretary can insist on the final being played on that date


The Draft Minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 4th August 2011 were tabled

Minute 6 - EBU Regional Club Committee – The council asked the minutes include the fact Mrs Saunders played at Middlesbrough in case members wanted to contact her

4 Draft Minutes of 2011 AGM


The Draft Minutes of the 2011 AGM were tabled without comment

5 Status Nights


That the Executive Committee call a meeting of club chairman and secretaries to agree the future allocation of County Status nights

6 Master Points for NEBA Events


Master Points have been sent in to the EBU for a number of events. There are , however, still some outstanding events and the MP secretary will chase these up with the Chief Tournament Secretary


The Executive Committee should ensure procedures are improved for the coming year and investigate the use of electronic upload. For those events where electronic submissions are not suitable Tournament Directors should pass the relevant information to the Master Points Secretary within a month.

(Secretaries Note – The MP’s for the first event of the new season (Swiss Pairs) were uploaded to the EBU within 24hrs of the event being played.)

7 2011/12 Calendar


The Booklets for 2011/12 have been distributed to clubs

8 2012/2013 Draft Calendar


The draft calendar for 2012/13 was noted. It will be circulated to clubs after venues have been added

9 Changes to NEBA Competitions

The Draft Minutes of the 2011 AGM were tabled without comment


There had been no responses to the document listing the councils suggestions


1. The Friday Evening session at the NEBA congress should be played as a single open pairs event with prizes awarded accordingly. The congress trophies for the Mens, Ladies and Open Pairs will be awarded to top ranked pair in each category

2. That The Chronicle Cups Final and the St Georges Shield both be 12 Table Events. That anyone scoring over 50% in a club heat should qualify for the semi-final

3. That members be surveyed to find their opinions on earlier starting times e.g. 13:00pm or 11:00am.

10 Expenses for NEBA Officials


That previous minutes relating to officials expenses need to be clarified


1. That officials be allowed to claim reasonable expenses to cover any costs incurred in carrying out their duties

11 Increasing Membership


A Council Member asked what measures NEBA was taking to increase their membership


That the information provided to the Chair at the EBU Chairman’s meeting be circulated to Council Members.

12 Swearing in Matches Played Privately


A member expressed concern about bad language occurring in matches played privately.


Rules for NEBA events that are played privately will in future include a reference to the fact that penalties can invoked for all bad behaviour and to encourage players to contact a referee immediately, if this happens in a match

13 EBU Correspondence


The information on the EBU Blue Point Scheme was circulated


Club Matters

Hexham asked that members be asked to treat trophies more carefully. They pointed out the Summer Teams Trophy had been damaged by a past holder using adhesive tape on it. This had removed the Silver Plate

The Vice-Chair raised an issue from a teacher in Morpeth regarding the advertising of bridge classes. The Chairman agreed to circulate presentations given at the recent County Chairs meeting which related to teaching/ recruitment.

St. Georges raised the issue of a Non Playing Captain for the Tollemache Team and the Exec Committee agreed to reconsider their criteria

15 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Monday 12th March in the Tyneside Area.