Executive Minutes - Oct. 21st 2010



Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held at
Durham on Wednesday Thursday 21 October 2010 at 19:00

Present   Ken Spragg (Chair), Ann Caygill, John McCourt, Sue Caygill, Ian Rankin

18. Apologies

That the Apologies from Bev Godfrey and Chris Benneworth be accepted

19. Minutes of Previous Meeting

That the Minutes of the Exec Committee held on 30th June  2010 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman

20. Draft Minutes of Executive Committee


That the Draft Minutes of the Executive Committee be published on the Web Site as soon as they have been informally agreed by those present.

21. Chief Tournament Secretaries Report

Match Between NEBA and Scottish ED
One of the NEBA Players was taken ill whilst Travelling to Berwick and thanks are due to the Scottish team for finding a substitute pair for NEBA B team at very short notice.

The Date for 2011 has been agreed but the date for 2012 has not

Northern Bridge League
He gave a report on the NBL Review Meeting that he had attended in Bradford.  The dates for 2011 were agreed and the match fee will remain at £10.  He could not find enough players to field an ‘A’ Team for the last match of the season and withdrew from the match giving eight days notice.

A decision on how many teams, if any, the NEBA will enter in the NBL will be taken at the next AGM

Cramlington Cup
Only four clubs had entered this year.  The Competition Secretary will look into holding the event on a single night next year

Other Competitions
He reported that he would monitor the number of entries  this year and ask a future Executive Committee Meeting to review the future of all competitions

22. 2011/2012 Calendar

The Draft Calendar will be available for the next NEBA Council Meeting.
The Venues for events will alternate between the North and the South of the Area with the following exceptions:
The Kempson Cup and Plate Final will continue to be held at Darlington
The Kempson Vases Final will continue to be held at Stannington
The Summer Swiss Teams will continue to be held at Hexham
The Northern Swiss Pairs will be continue to be held at Alnwick

23. Report on EBU AGM

Ian Rankin Attended. The only points he though worthy of inclusion in these minutes was the decision to raise the EBU part of the P2P fee to 31p and the EBU is still pursuing Charitable Status

24. Congress Secretary Report

This item was deferred as the Congress Secretary was unable to attend the meeting

25. Executive Committee

Members of the Committee submitted a list of the various tasks they have carried out during the past year and their comments on who should best carry them out in future.  The Secretary will collate these and submit them for discussion at the next Executive Committee Meeting

26. NEBA Officials Expenses

In previous years it was customary to pay the EBU/NEBA membership fees of NEBA officials.  The introduction of P2P has removed this method of remunerating the officials for the expenses they incur in carrying out their duties.

NEBA Council should be asked to consider this matter

27. Future Meetings

The next Executive Meeting will be held in Durham, at a date to be agreed, sometime before the 2011 AGM

 There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:30pm