Executive Minutes - April 28th 2011



Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held in Durham on Wednesday Thursday 28th April 2011 at 19:00


Present Ken Spragg (Chair), Ann Caygill, John McCourt, Sue Caygill, Ian Rankin


38. Apologies No Apologies were received

39. Minutes of Previous Meeting


That the Minutes of the Executive Committee held on 3 March 2011 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman

40. Draft Minutes of NEBA Council Meeting held on 17th March 2011


The Draft Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 17th March 2011 were noted.

41. NEBA AGM 2011


 The AGM will be held at Brunton Bridge Club on Monday 23rd May

The room will be available from 6:30pm with the meeting starting at 6:45pm

The Draft Minutes of the 2010 AGM are already available on the NEBA Website

The only non standard item on the agenda, so far, is the revised constitution (See Minute 43 below)

The NEBA Secretary is not able to attend the meeting and the Vice Chair agreed to clerk the meeting

The secretary will try to arrange for the following trophies to be available at the meeting:

 Inter Club Shields

Kempson Cup and Plate

Player of the Year Trophy

John Clark Salver

Collins Cups

Cramlington Cup

42. Suggested Changes to NEBA Competitions for 2011/12


1) That no decision on changes to any competition be taken until consultation with members has taken place.

2) That the NEBA does not acquire its own instant scoring equipment (eg Bridgemates, Bridgepads etc) for the 2011/12 season.


The draft Calendar for 2011/12 was circulated.

43. Secretary’s Report


The Secretary has submitted entries for the Corwen Trophy, the Pachabo Cup and the Garden Cities Trophy. The Treasurer reminded the committee that the NEBA only paid the entry fees for these competitions. Those playing have to fund their own travelling and subsistence costs.

The NEBA Constitution had been passed to Martin Poole whom the EBU uses to vet all County Constitutions. He had recommended a small number of changes to the constitution which have now been made. The revised constitution should now get EBU board approval in June so it is recommended that it be put to the NEBA AGM.

44. Chief Competition Secretary’s Report


The Kempson Cup Final was played prior to Finals day. The Kempson Plate will be played on the designated Finals day. The rules for next years competition will be altered to allow for this change of date to happen in the future if a one team is unable or unwilling to play on the designated date. The revised rules will also have to lay down how expenses incurred on holding the final on another date and/or location will be funded. The Executive Committee asked the Chief Competition Secretary ensure the new rules will not incur additional costs for the NEBA


That views of the Chief Tournament Director be sought on the necessity of having a Tournament Director for the Kempson Cup and Plate whether or not they are held on Finals day

45. Congress Secretary Report


 Members of the Executive suggested that as well as a Congress Secretary the NEBA should appoint an ‘Equipment Manager’ who would be responsible for the collection, installation and return of Table, Cloths, Bidding Boxes, Boards etc.

In the absence of the Congress Secretary no further discussion took place

46. Awarding of MP’s for NEBA events


That members have complained about the delay in submitting Master Points, awarded at NEBA events, to the EBU.


That procedures should be set up to ensure that from the 2011/2012 season onwards Masterpoints awarded at NEBA events will be sent to the EBU within a week of the final results being published.

47. NEBA Website


That the NEBA reimburses Neil Aiston for the new software he requires to allow him to continue maintaining and updating the NEBA web site

48. EBU PapersNoted

 Changes to P2P, Masterpoint & Licencing framework

The P2P changes that come in to effect on 1st April 2012 include charging P2P fees at County Events. The Treasurer will review the cost implications.

 EBU position on Bridge Great Britain

49. County and District Status NightsNoted

That confirmation has been received that District Status had been abolished and that the EBU had been asked for clarification on how many County Status nights we can have in 2011/2012 and then from April 2012 onwards.

50. Treasurers Report


That the Treasurer had submitted draft accounts for audit prior to the AGM in May.

51. InsuranceResolved

That quotations be sought for liability and equipment insurance.

52. Next Meeting

To be arranged after the AGM. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:00pm