Executive Minutes - Aug 4th 2011


Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held in Durham on 4th August 2011 at 19:00

Present Ken Spragg (Chair), Ann Caygill, John McCourt, Sue Caygill, Ian Rankin, Bev Godfrey

1. Apologies Apologies were received from C Benneworth

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting


That the Minutes of the Executive Committee held on Thursday 28th April 2011 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman

3. Matters Arising


Minute 51 – The NEBA is Covered for Public Liability Insurance by the EBU.

4. Draft Minutes of the 2011 NEBA AGM


There were no comments on these draft Minutes

5. Non-elected Officials


That all the Congress Secretary, Chief Tournament Director and Selectors be asked to continue in post for this year.

The Chief Tournament Secretary confirmed all the Tournament Secretaries are continuing in post apart from Liz Muir who is standing down as secretary of the Aggregate Pairs Competition. The Committee expressed their thanks to her for all her work in the past.

Liz Muir and Clive Owen have agreed to continue as selectors.

6. EBU Correspondence


The secretary has received details of the EBU 2012 and 2013 Calendars and has applied to the EBU to continue to award Green Points at the 2013 NEBA Congress

The Secretary has received details of the first meeting of the EBU Regional Club Committee to be held in September. The Chair reported that Mrs G Saunders had volunteered to be the NEBA representative on this committee and the secretary undertook to forward all relevant correspondence to her


7. Other Correspondence


The Committee had received correspondence regarding

• Awarding of MP’s for NEBA Events

• Honoraria for officials

These are agenda items 12 and 16

8. Status Nights


The new regulations regarding these nights has been received from the EBU. The new regulations come into force from 1st April 2012. The new regulations do not allow for District Status nights and indicate that County Status Nights should have County involvement.


The allocation of County Status Nights be agreed by the NEBA Council at its next meeting. The suggestion of the Executive is for each interested club to hold a County Status twice a year with the highest overall score being awarded an NEBE trophy

9. 2011/12 Season


The NEBA Programme Booklet has been printed and will be in all clubs by 12th August

10. 2012/2013 Calendar


The Council suggestions for changes to NEBA competitions was received


The Exec Committee strongly supports the recommendations to make the congress Friday Night a single session/section open pairs with trophies and prizes awarded to the top pairs in the three different categories.

The other suggestions were supported. The CTD should be asked for his comments on the format of the Chronicle Cup Final


The EBU Calendar for 2012 has been received


The Secretary should have a draft 2012/13 Calendar prepared in time for the next NEBA Council Meeting

11. 2011 NEBA Congress


• Bev Godfrey has agreed to continue as Congress Secretary

• The Congress Leaflet is at the Printers. However if the NEBA Council agrees to change the format of the Friday Night sessions a cover slip will need to be included in with the leaflet when it is distributed

• Differing methods of delivering tables and Bridge Equipment to the Derwent Manor Hotel, and collecting it afterwards is still being investigated

12. Master Points for NEBA Events


The Vice Chair has received a list of MP’s won at the three Chronicle Cups semi-finals, the Kempson Vases Final, the Summer Pairs Final from the CTD and will forward them to EBU, along with the Summer Swiss Teams, to the EBU as quickly as possible.

The points for both of last years simultaneous pairs will be uploaded electronically before the next Council Meeting


The CTD be asked to investigate the electronic transfer of these points to the EBU for the forthcoming season

13. Council Meeting


The next NEBA Council meeting should be held on Friday 19th August at St Georges starting at 19:30

14. 2012 AGM


That the 2012 AGM should be held at St Georges on Thursday 24th May 2012 starting at 18:30. Darlington Bridge Club have kindly agreed to host the meeting

15. EBU Chairmans Meeting

Noted The Chair tabled a summary of the meeting he attended

16. AOB


The treasurer understood that minute 8 of the Council Meeting held in November 2010 refered to claiming expenses (including petrol costs) , supported by receipts. Others had understood it to refer to an officials honoraria .She asked for this be clarified at the next Council Meeting and in the interim had paid an honorarium to an official.


This matter be clarified at the next Council Meeting

It was pointed out the NEBA Constitution does not include the Master Points Secretary as a member of the Council.


The Constitution be updated at the next AGM

17. Date of Next Meeting

No date for the next meeting was set. However it will be held sometime after the Congress but before 21st January 2012There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:30pm