Executive Minutes - March 3rd 2011



Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held at Durham on Wednesday Thursday 3rd March 2011 at 19:00

Present   Ken Spragg (Chair), Ann Caygill, John McCourt, Sue Caygill, Bev Godfrey

28. Apologies


That the Apologies from Ian Rankin and Chris Benneworth be accepted

29. Minutes of Previous Meeting


That the Minutes of the Exec Committee held on 21 October 2010 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman

30. Draft Minutes of NEBA Council Meeting held on 19th November 2010


The Draft Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 19th November 2010 were noted. The secretary mentioned that venue for the next council

Meeting has been changed to Newcastle Bridge Club as the room at Chester-le-Street was unavailable.

31.  Tollemache Cup


The Chair should pass on the congratulation of Executive to the NEBA Team on their splendid achievement in winning the Tollemache.


The Chair had received an e-mail from Michael Byrne congratulating the NEBA team on both the Tollemache result and in the way they won the competition

32. Advertising on the NEBA Web Site


That the NEBA Website should not contain advertising links to other web sites

33. NEBA Constitution


That the Secretary had asked the EBU for comments on the NEBA Constitution that was adopted at the 2010 AGM. The EBU asked that a copy be sent to Martin Poole.


That the small changes suggested by Mr Poole be accepted and the revised constitution be circulated to NEBA Council members with the papers for the next meeting.

34. Congress Secretary Report


The Congress Secretary has not yet found anyone willing to take over her post, but is hopeful this will be resolved before at the next AGM.

35. EBU Papers


The Secretary has received

Entry Forms for the Corwen, Pachabo and Garden Cities events

A list of the P2P charges levied by each County – this will be circulated at the next council meeting

36. Changes to the NEBA Calendar


That a Sub Committee had prepared a report on changes to the NEBA Calendar. The report was accepted, but with a few changes.


That the report be circulated for discussion at the next council meeting and passed to the membership for comments

 37. Future Meetings


The next Executive Meeting will be held in Durham, on Thursday 28th April 2011

 There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:00pm