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Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham.



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Hexham Bridge Club are holding an extra night on Tuesday evenings at Wentworth Leisure Centre, downstairs in the Creche Room, at 7.00 p.m.    For players with less experience wanting to progress or anyone looking for an extra game!    

Partners are not a necessity, we will make sure you get a game in a friendly atmosphere.    Enquiries to Jocelyn Gordon on (01434) 604610.


have selected the following team of 10 to play in the 2013 Tollemache.

John Atthey
Julian Gibson
Val Gibson
Damian Hassan
Martin Kane
Bill March
Chris Owen
Clive Owen (Capt.)
Georgia Ray
Steve Ray.

The event will be in Daventry
on 23rd & 24th November.


he NEBA Council has agreed  to award prizes in direct entry events starting with this month's Senior Pairs to be held at Darlington.

The winning pair will receive a prize of £25, second place will get a prize of £12.

There will also be a further prize of £12 awarded to highest placed pair, from 3rd place down,  who both have a NGS ranking of 10 or below.

If you’re not familiar with the site below then it is well worth a visit. Though a lot of it is ‘how should this be bid ‘ stuff there is a mass of other material covering all aspects of the game. Every so often a topic will throw up a considerable amount of debate – eg the ‘exclusion’ of the Israeli ladies team from the upcoming Venice cup generated a (very) heated discussion
Bill March- - - -

Congratulations to Mabel McCoy on becoming a Life Member of Hexham Bridge Club.  We hope her association with the club will continue for many more years.


At the start of this new NEWS page, can I remind all NEBA members that you can submit any items of interest that will help to keep the 'News' page and the NEBA website alive.

I'm sure that the bridge community in the North East recognises most of the players in our region (by face - if not by name) and the personal achievements of our members can be just as interesting as the notable bridge successes, charity events, club news and teaching innovations that we all want to hear about.

Frank, John and Steve are constantly reporting news in their fascinating 'Hands of the Week'. Did you ever try Dave's '
Amazing Bidding Machine' or check out the 'Conventions' pages or the 'Play Techniques' or 'Archives' or any of the other 200+ pages on your website? Is your club's teaching programme advertised on the 'Bridge Classes' page and is it up to date - ready for September?? Have you any other suggestions you would like to make? Is ANYTHING ELSE happening in our area? Don't be shy. Don't be negative. Please try to contribute. - Neil

The nephew of Brunton, Cramlington and Newcastle bridge player Lenny Paes, has just beaten the favourites Bryan and Bryan to reach the final of the tennis U.S. Open (Mens Doubles). Leander Paes, playing with Stepanek won 3-6, 6-3, 6-4
Leander Paes playing with Radek Stepanek went on to win the US Open Doubles final convincingly on Sunday 8th Sept. A mere child to most of us, but at age 40 it demonstrates how we can all mentally knock 20 years of our age. Maybe? 7th Sept

 5th Sept

Blind partners, dealing machines and Braille cards
Dave Dansie has developed a procedure that allows registered blind player Phillip Ward to compete at Ryton Bridge Club. Dave has devised software to isolate the North hands from details created by Duplimate’s pre-duplication procedure. 

Printouts of the North hands are emailed to Phillip whose computer reads them aloud. Phillip then makes the hands with his Braille cards and takes them along to the club.

Despite our concerns about falling numbers, in our region, during the recent EBU sims competition, Morpeth's entry was the highest in the Monday sessions with 35 pairs and Brunton with 33 pairs was 3rd out of 54 clubs who competed.

In the Tuesday sessions Castle Morpeth's entry of 35 pairs was the highest from 47 competing clubs AND they had the highest placed pair David Gunn & Norman Henry.


The only inconvenience for opponents is that their bids and the cards played need to be spoken during play. Phillip's memory must be considerable and the preparation time required to play the game, illustrates what it means to him.

The only inconvenience for Phillip arises from Simultaneous Pairs events in which the organisers are not prepared to release the North hands in a suitable format.
Dave's commitment to the task and his ingenious solution is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition. These facilities are on offer to anyone who needs them.

Ann Caygill has stepped down as Chairman of NEBA with immediate effect. 

I am sure that members will want to join the Executive in thanking her for the tremendous effort she has put into her term as Chairman. 

She has been seen regularly around clubs across NEBA and has made special efforts to support teachers and students of bridge.  We will all miss her common sense approach.  There will be a meeting of Council to appoint a new Chairman shortly.

A charity event in memory of Kathy Pike raised £910+. The event at Newburn Leisure Centre attracted 20 tables of students and regular club players. The Kathy Pike Trophy was won by Jocelyn Gordon and Helen Hardy. Joint winners were Don Reid and Brian Lumsden.

The event with tea and cakes, raffle prizes and bridge prizes was organised by Mary Page and it is hope that this will become an annual event. (Photographs to follow)


RESULTS & Photographs

Congratulations to
Bob and Jen Horton of the Hexham Bridge Club who were at the Highland Congress in Inverness at the week-end (28th/29th Sept.) and finished 2nd in the main Pairs Final - just 0.84% behind the winners.


Margaret Reid has told me Wearside helped to raise over £2000 for Macmillan Cancer Support at the coffee morning advertised on our website. Congratulations to all concerned - John McCourt